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You need to create a class that extends Plain Document and override the insert String() like this: public void insert String(int offset, String str, Attribute Set attr) throws Bad Location Exception { if (str == null) return; String result = null; //if entered string will go beyond the max columns do not allow.

//columns instance variable containing number of columns if (get Length () == columns) { return; ...

String response = server Line(); //Read all lines ... Lightweight Dispatcher.dispatch Event(Unknown Source) at

Sun's Java Tutorial has a very complete discussion of tables.Ideally each of these text fields will only accept one character.Using set Columns() or defining the number of columns in the constructor only limits the size of the display, not the amount of text accepted. Perhaps JText Field is not the correct component to use in ...I have built a table where the user can enter data in either column 1 or column 2.When the user is entering data in column 1, the values in column 2 are updated automatically.

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