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The relationship intensified during the course of the year, until they had sex on the night of her graduation, a month after she turned 18, the Daily News reports, based on court documents.

“What has been in dispute is the appropriate consequence for Mr. The Cornwall-Lebanon School District has been firm in its stance that this conduct was not appropriate for a public school teacher.“When I asked for help he would go to other students instead of going to me,” police said the teen told them.When Johnson told the teen he was getting a failing grade, the student asked him why, police continued. Police said a female student told them she had once walked into Johnson’s classroom to find Johnson and the teen standing close together behind Johnson’s desk.Police said when the teen told another male student he was having a sexual relationship with Johnson that student stated: “I’m messing with Mr.Johnson too.” Police said after the teen ended the relationship with Johnson the teacher began treating him differently.

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